Jimmie Creek Hydro Project

VVI Construction completed construction of a 62-megawatt run-of-river hydro project 80km northeast of Powell River, on lands which the Klahoose First Nations assert aboriginal rights and title. The contract consisted of a Headworks Structure on Jimmie Creek (intake, spillway with inflatable rubber dam,  sediment by-pass sluice structure, overflow weir & earth fill embankment with cut-off walls), Powerhouse, Substation and Tailrace. The hydro generating facility is principally owned by Alterra Power Corporation; while SNC Lavalin provided the project management and engineering. The Powerhouse is equipped with two vertical shaft Pelton Wheel turbine/generators, electrical and mechanical auxiliary equipment, controls and 80 tonne overhead crane. The outflow from the Powerhouse is returned to Jimmie Creek via a unique tailrace that evenly distributes water back over three natural fish barriers. The Substation ties into the existing 155km long 230kv transmission line that already fed 196 MW to the BC Hydro grid (from the East Toba and Montrose Plants).